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91-99 MR2 MK2 SW20 Side Splitter Extensions For OEM Rocker Panels


These fit all 91-99 MR2 MK2 SW20 Turbos and Non Turbo models.

These are good those looking for a more stock less aggressive aesthetic.

A wonderful compliment to this side skirts extension are -

Crux Front Lip
Stout Front Lip
94 Front Lip

C1/C One Rear Add Ons
Greddy/Gracer Rear Add Ons
AB Flug YSR Drag Rear Add Ons

For SW20's with 91-93 Rear Trunk Lids -

East Bear Rear Extension Spoiler Add On

For SW20's with 94-99 Rear Trunk Lids -

KEI Office Rear Spoiler
Bomex Whale Tail

Made of fiberglass. You can use double sided 3m tape (trust me it's VERY STICKY) and or drill some screws.