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93-99 MR2 MK2 SW20 Front Adjustable Tension Rods


These Front Adjustable Tensions Rods fit all 93-99 MR2 MK2 SW20 Turbo and Non Turbo Models.

- Allows for Caster adjustment.
- Polymer Injected Pillow ball Ends remove any play in suspension.
- Replaces soft worn-out bushings in the chassis that are over a decade old.
- Complete with all hardware needed for installation.
- Completely Bolt On, no modification required.

Adjustable front tension rods allow fine tuning for proper suspension geometry and allow you to enter in a corner and initiate with confidence. A more direct feel while cornering and added stability in a drift will allow you to drive and perform to your vehicle s full potential and enhance your SW20's suspension system.

- The use of spherical bearings eliminate the binding issues,and unpredictability of steering transitions during hard corning or when the suspension system has articulated or traveled to its maximum movement.
- These allow proper alignment of caster which also gives the wheel more self centering force which increase s the feedback you get through the steering suspension system.
- These front adjustable tension rods hold/maintain the wheel in set position eliminating forward/backward movement improving turn ins and turn outs upon cornering.
- These front adjustable tension rods keep your wheels from moving forward (caster) when braking hard before entering an Apex at the track.
- These front adjustable tensions rods allow you to adjust caster which changes the amount camber gained during turns
- Their fully adjustable by either shortening or lengthening of the rods allow you to fine tune your Caster.
- High-Strength steel alloy retains durability with lightweight characteristics.
- Self-Lubricating Ball Joints prevent any binding and play like OEM bushings.
- Increased stability during drifting and cornering.
- Adjustable lengths to fine-tune your suspension geometry
- Pillow ball

Minimum Arm Length: 14 3/4"
Maximum Arm Length: 16 7/16"
(max length measured center to center hole with 5/8" thread engagement between inner and outer ends)
Rod End Width: 2 3/4"
Rod End ID: 9/16"
Threaded OD: 5/8"