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91-99 MR2 MK2 SW20 Motoria Front & Rear Strut Bars


This Strut Bars fit all 91-99 MR2 MK2 SW20 Turbo and Non Turbo Models.

- Made from high strength 6160 aluminum providing rigidity and light weight.

These Strut Bars - also known as a “strut tower braces”, this bar connects to the top of the strut towers (either front or rear) and prevents the chassis flexing during cornering. It makes the chassis more rigid, resulting in better handling, by preventing the strut towers from flexing.

When driving our SW20's and go over a raised bump with your right tire, the spring compresses as the wheel pushes up on the body. This force, if high enough, can actually cause the metal body of the car to move and twist. When this occurs, especially during high speed cornering, it can affect the suspension's alignment temporarily and actually make the car feel less stable and predictable. These strut bars reduce the twisting and flexing caused by the above instances.