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91-99 MR2 MK2 SW20 #B Side Vent Add On FOR AFTERMARKET SIDE SKIRTS & OEM Factory Side Vents


(image includes Side Vent Add On #B installed on Greddy/Gracer Side Skirts...Also shown are Phoenix Power Rear Add Ons, Roof Spoiler and KEI Office Front Bumper)

These fit the following -

Aftermarket Side Skirts with integrated vents (for example Greddy/Gracer Side Skirts, Toms Side Skirts)

OEM Factory Stock Side Vents

CAMPOSITES Open Mouth Side Vents

The difference between these #B Side Vent Add Ons versus the #A Side Vent Add Ons.

#B are more flexible since they are made from fiberglass, this allows them to conform to different open mouth designs.

#A are made from epoxy and are rigid made for high MPH SPEED runs.

#A only fit -

OEM Factory Stock Side the adjustable rear control arms will allow modifying the rear camber and toe to manipulate the handling characteristics for track applications.

CAMPOSITES Open Mouth Side Vents