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350mm "8 Ball" Steering Wheel/Quick Release/Short Hub Combo

$130.00 / On Sale

This 8 Ball Steering Wheel Combo fits all 91-99 MR2 MK2 SW20 Turbo and Non Turbo Models.

8 Ball Steering Wheel
- 350mm White 6 Bolt Steering Wheel
- White Wood Grain With Black Strip
- Polished 3 spoke Center Section
- Slotted Design

Murdered Out All Black Quick Release
- Aluminum
- Fits Aftermarket 6 Bolt Pattern Steering Wheels and Hub Adaptor

Murdered Out All Black Short Hub
- 2.5" Thick

This combo allows the following

- removable steering wheel for easy entry under race applications
- removable steering wheel for easy exit out of your SW20

And most importantly this is a theft deterrent... When would be thieves see a missing steering wheel they will think twice about stealing your SW20.